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No. 07 - Leaving The Neighborhood

Today, I was fired from the Fred Rogers Company. [EDIT: I should clarify, that the company simply changed direction in how they were pursuing productions in-house, and my services were no longer needed. "Fired" is just much easier to type than "changed direction in how they were pursuing productions in-house and my services were no longer needed.]

I moved here from New York City, a place where I lived for eight years, a city full of impossibility. It is my favorite place in the world. But I moved, as fast as was humanly possible, to work here for more than six years, focusing all my time and effort on Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. In addition to that, I was the first member of a new development team that created new content for the future of the company. Among those: The Magnificent Library: a long-form maxi-series about world cultures told through fairy tales; I'm Bored, a web series designed to encourage daydreaming through live-action and animation; The Make-Believe Channel, a multimedia online distribution platform where Fred Rogers Company could sandbox interesting ideas and shows that no one else believed in, expanding on the innovations into the distribution of educational materials started by our founder; and what I called Robot Parts, an anatomy show built around a robot learning to use its limbs and parts and learn what it meant to be human. That one is currently in development under a different name, so I can't talk about it any more than that.

It's gone poorly for me in the past few years. In fact, two years ago, I said that this would happen and since then, I've been looking for work. It's hard to get work in Pittsburgh for someone who has worked on a hit television show for the past six years. It's also hard to get work in Los Angeles or New York when you live in Pittsburgh. But now I'm free to do so in the comfort of my own home, all day every day.

I've never worked for a better man than the COO of the Fred Rogers Company, Kevin Morrison. He is smarter than everyone you've ever met and more canny, too. If you ever come across him, buy him a drink. He's English, so it'll probably be a Pimm's.

I am incredibly proud of the work I've done for Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. I edited every single live action piece in the show for three seasons. I directed more than 60 pieces and worked with more than 300 children from the greater Allegheny County region. I remade the famous Visit to a Crayon Factory piece. Watch my show. My name is still on it. And will be.

I have a bit of time and a bit of freedom now. So.

Who wants to work with me?