Matthias Sundberg!

Heck of a nice guy! (also, grumpy)


About Me

Matthias gets it done, regardless of size and scope of any project he’s handed. One of the most efficient team members I’ve ever had, without sacrificing his attention to detail. He seeks innovation and refuses to compromise on quality.

Bonus: he’s known to bring snacks into work.
— Will McCranie, musician


Matthias Sundberg's history is long and storied, involving long treks across nations and mythical beings. One legend has him as the man who saved Baby Jessica from the well, another has him rescuing a pod of dolphins from the nets of Japanese whalers and yet another has him as the reason for the spreading of the Sahara Desert. Whatever the truth of the matter is, what we can say for sure is that he works for The Fred Rogers Company and since 2011, has worked on Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, directing and editing the live-action segments. He came to Pittsburgh by way of New York, where he held every production position from production assistant to executive producer. And his lunches are such stuff as dreams are made of.